Tantric Moments – Integrating Polarity by Kabira

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Date(s) - 06/12/2019
19:30 - 22:30

Happy Yoga


” I am passionate to bring something NEW and profound to you in Groningen; Expect traditional Tantric principles, understanding and wisdom in a new form, shape and experience. Looking forward to see you there! “
— ✦ —
How balanced and integrated do feel within yourself?
How much are you torn by your polarities? Opposite wishes or beliefs about reality?
Are you ready to dismantle your ongoing inner battle, and welcome all aspects of yourself?
Embodied. Empowered. In love.
The beauty of Tantra is that it welcomes the whole spectrum of our being. Creating space for us to integrate all polarities of ourselves and bringing inner harmony and peace.
In this evening we explore two paradoxes.
✦ Light vs Dark: some of us feel more comfortable in the higher and lighter parts of our being, They bring compassion, spiritual clarity and stillness, yet in Tantra we also honour the lower and denser parts of our being, bringing power, desires and infinite pleasure.
✦ Shiva vs Shakti: on the other end we have Shakti and Shiva. They move in a dance between flowing, chaotic, wild, raw energy and the consciousness of direction, precision and spaciousness.
What happens if we allow our inner essence of light / dark and Shiva / Shakti to meet and integrate fully?
In this carrousel I am taking you on an inner journey to meet these four polarities of yourself in the outer manifestation. You will have a chance to release, request, share and express as you welcome your inner voices to speak to-, for and through you. Embodying all aspects of you.
Expect a deeply insightful and transformational experience.
Exploring the realms of our subconscious.
Blending Tantric traditional insights with shamanic experiences.
The workshop is open to singles, couples, all genders and preferences, beginners and experienced practitioners. The workshop will be held in Dutch if that is easier for the attendees.
KARLIJN KABIRA is an open, expressive soul with a passion for self-transformation and behavioural embodied change.
She holds a MSc in Psychology, is a certified Tantra and Hatha Yoga Teacher. She has a background in leadership development & change management at a global consulting firm and was lead facilitator at Magic of Love Global.
As the founder of Kabira, she currently facilitates self development & Tantra retreats and coaches individuals and couples on their path of inner peace building.
She is passionate about supporting herself and others, to live their full embodied potential. Integrating mind, spirit and body through breath, dance, authentic relating and meditation. With a sharp eye for where we can expand ourselves more in stepping into our full power.
Others describe her and her work as sensitive, down-to-earth, intuitive, joyful, powerful and opening
Instagram: withkabira
every Friday 19.30-22.30 (welcome from 19.00)
MIND: The gate closes at 19.30, when you are late, you might find a closed door.
€15,- (€12,- with card-system)
Wear comfortable cothing.
You don’t have to sign in, in advance, show up when you like.