Tantric Moments – Tantra of the Heart door Sanneke

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Date(s) - 18/10/2019
19:30 - 22:30

Happy Yoga


During this evening we will take a wordless journey into our hearts through meditation, movement, breath and touch, and explore different ways to meet the present moment.

You are invited to come exactly as you are ♥

With love,

ABOUT ME: Tantra, yoga, dance and theater have played a significant role in my personal healing journey. Through these healing arts, I learned most of what I know about my inner worlds, about how I relate, to myself, to others and to life. It’s an on going, never ending adventure, as I keep diving deeper into myself, finding truth, slowely letting go of conditioning and becoming more authentic and true to myself.
I am passionate about love, personal growth, dance and movement, travelling and being in nature.
I love to support others on their path and hope to inspire, so that we can create more awareness, more harmony, more community and in that way more true beauty in the world today.


iedere Vrijdag 19.30-22.30 (welkom va 19.00)
LET OP: Het hek gaat om 19.30 dicht, kom je te laat, dan sta je voor een gesloten deur.
LOCATIE Happy Yoga
€15,- (€12,- met kaartsysteem)
Draag comfortabele kleding
Je hoef je van te voren niet aan te melden, kom wanneer het jou uitkomt.